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Modern wellness advocate.
Hydration expert.
Experience maker.
Community builder.

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The Book

by Tracy Duhs

Learn the ins and outs of at-home hydration, the 9 Pillars of Health and tons of exclusive recipes and Tracy’s magical elixir recipes from her book, HYDRATE. Discover a wealth of delicious and fun, alcohol-free party drinks that promise to leave you feeling even better the next day!

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OCTOBER 18 - OCTOBER 18, 2020

Do Like Tracy Duhs

Modern Wellness Weekend

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Hi, I’m Tracy

I’m a modern wellness experience
maker and educator.
I have pioneered an approach to health and wellness that integrates easily into people’s everyday lives, helping them build healthy and connected communities.

As a wellness consultant to major businesses and hospitality brands, the founder of two naturopathic clinics, and a podcast host, I feel privileged to help individuals and groups from all walks of life reach their highest wellness potential and truly thrive.

bringing you
inner wealth through
modern health,
one experience
at a time.


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with Tracy Duhs

Quench your thirst for knowledge with the podcast that covers all things hydration. HYDRATE is your premier source for exclusive interviews with hydration experts and scientists. 

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